****Attention LFA 25 lobster fishers****


The PEIFA is currently seeking volunteers to pilot the ELECTRONIC LOGBOOK created by a harvester working group at the PEIFA, throughout the fall lobster season.


The electronic logbook is something that will be mandated by DFO in the near future and the PEIFA wants to ensure a user friendly, cost effective option is available to all harvesters.


Requirements to take part in the pilot project:
- Smart phone less than 3 years old (iOS or android)
- Willingness to provide feedback on the app
- Commitment to fill out both the paper log book AND the electronic logbook to ensure data quality.
- Email address associated with either the app store (Apple) or google play store (Android).


Contact Melanie Giffin for more information or to volunteer: 902-566-4050 (extension 3)

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